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About Us

No Title Entertainment,
LLC is an independent production company that acquires, develops, finances, and produces motion pictures, fiction, non-fiction, documentaries, music videos and
web content programming for the global market, either independently or in partnership with studios, networks and foreign distributors.

The company has strong agency and legal representation and continues to forge alliances in television and film through out North America and the world.

At “No Title” our mission is to radically amplify viewers interest by cultivating new and exciting, non-derivative programming.
No Title’s intention is to produce content in which the characters chemistry or combative components collide with story to achieve a desired climax and eventuality.

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Mahad Dar is a young entrepreneur/entertainer. He was born on Febuary 13, 1988 in Los Angeles. His parents are from Pakistan. His life story started at the age of 12 when he used to get $10 from his parents per day for lunch. Mahad started to put away $5 dollars every day and using the other $5 for food. He did that for several years until he saved enough money to buy his first car. He bough his first car at the age of 14, not to drive, but to make money from it. He purchased a 1968 ford mustang for $1,500 took it home, cleaned it up, installed a new battery himself, and did a tune up to have it in running condition. One week later he sold that car for $5,000 through various methods of advertising. That was the beginning of everything for him. He kept buying cars at auctions with his dad and selling them for more, and saving all his profits since he was still young and didn’t have any expenses.

By the time he was 14 he stopped taking money from his parents because he wanted to learn how to take care of himself and make his own money. Mahad always had a passion for the entertainment industry as far as acting, modeling and the whole business side of producing and creating. He didn’t know how to get involved in it but it all came to him when he was at the mall with his friends. At 14 he had the courage and confidence of someone much older and wiser, so he approached an older lady in her mid 30s and asked if he can take her on a date because he was attracted to her. She laughed and told him he was so young but had so much confidence, she offered her business card and said come see me at my office. She happened to be a talent agent. He quickly rushed home and told his parents that they needed to take him soon to go see her because his passion was always to be an actor/model/entertainer in general. He ended up signing with this agent who helped him get on a few major TV shows and commercials. As he was getting older he got more and more into the industry by working on sets and networking. He wasn’t making enough money by doing that so he continued to buy and sell cars throughout the whole process. He tried to invest as much as he could into himself to take him further but made sure that he was also saving as much as possible. While this is all going on at such a young age he realized he needed a manager and went to search for one by him self.

Since Mahad was so independent he didn’t want his parents to get involved and wanted to do everything himself so he can learn as much as possible. He ended up running into a lady who was a talent manager at his talent classes who took interest in him because of his unique looks and confidence. He took her out to dinner and explained what he was about and that he had an agent that was helping him find work as an actor and model but needed help in growing throughout the industry. They made a deal and she ended up managing him. Together they created a talk show called “Hanging with Mahad” and sold it to Time Warner Cable. It aired on cable for 2 episodes. Being the businessman Mahad is he started realizing that if this show has been aired some money has been generated. He asked his manager about this but she said that the show never made money. Mahad started to look more into it and found out that his manager had gotten paid for the 2 episodes. He set up a meeting with his manager and showed her proof that she did get paid and she lied about everything. She then told him that she reinvested the money into him and the show but when Mahad asked for proof she could not provide any, so he ended up taking her to court. Finally, they settled out of court and Mahad walked away with half of the profit from the show.

All this was happening to Mahad at the age of 16, He got turned off by the industry and decided to take a break and continued buying and selling cars and going to high school. Mahad was known in his high school by every student and staff. He was always being talked about through the morning announcements that were heard throughout the whole school about his style in clothes or his new haircut or the cars he used to drive. Mahad always tried to be around his father to learn business since that’s what his father did. At the age of 17 he had saved up to $100,000. His older brother had been approached about this new business that was up for sale which was a Greek restaurant called Pita Pit located in the heart of Hollywood on Sunset Blvd. Not having any experience Mahad went 50/50 into buying this restaurant and investing all his money. For the 1styear of owning this restaurant his life was waking up every morning, going to high school and after heading straight to his restaurant and work until closing.

Once out of high school instead of going to college or partying like normal kids do, his life was running his business. The business wasn’t generating enough money to keep going due to the high rent and food cost. Towards the end of the second year he and his brother had no extra money to keep funding the business to keep it going. They were forced to shut the restaurant down and take a loss and walk away with nothing. This is where his struggles really started. Being the guy Mahad is, he never liked asking people for money and struggled for a long time. He moved in with his brother since he lost his house and was forced to get a job and work at a gas station.

While struggling and trying to survive for a year, he decided to get back into what he loved doing, which was the entertainment business. He saved up a little money and started his own management company. He started with a local rapper then moved on to managing Junior Reid, a legend in reggae/ pop, best known for his song ‘One Blood’ with rapper The Game. Then he moved on to managing a video director by the name of Jordan Tower. He helped establish his company and helped dominate the hip hop industry with their music videos. Within 2 years of working as a manager under his own company, Mahad worked with many celebrities and musicians from Lil Wayne, Gucci Man, Soulja Boy, Yo Gotti, Yung Berg, Young Buck, majority of the Young Money camp, Young Jeezy, 2 Chainz, Ron Artest and the list goes on. While being so involved in the music industry Mahad was starting to be recognized as a strong business man and great manager.

As all things evolve Mahad started to evolve in his own way. He started his own show called “Chillin with Mahad.” His first episode he put out was with rapper Yo Gotti which got over 5 million views. He continued releasing episodes with a guest celebrity on each episode creating a strong fan base and a solid show. He started to get endorsements and sponsors from different companies such as liquor brands, clothing, energy drinks and even was offered a sex pill but Mahad turned it down. He also has his own cell phone watch company that is being sold online through his site icellwatch.com.

Now at the age of 23 Mahad is solo in all his business and has his own production company that is in full effect and continues to release episodes of his show. CWM is his main focus. He is in the mix of adding more concepts to his show to make it bigger and attract more of an audience, such as traveling around the world to the most exotic/ beautiful places to show the things people don’t get to see. He also is chillin with royal people from the Middle East to bringing on his athlete friends from NBA stars to professional boxers to dancers, models, actors, more musicians and entrepreneurs to really get a idea of who they are as people and what they do or did to get them to the level there at, to showing the eye candy of what this world has to offer such as jewelry, the most exotic cars, mansions, jets, clothes etc. he wants to help motivate his audience and also to teach them about being successful in life but having fun at the same time.

Parker is third party passive producer and the chief detonator at No Title, who’s primary focus is set on the development, packaging and selling of nonscripted/alternative programming for network television projects. As a third party passive producer, He partners with multiple prodco’s, producers and showrunners with the mantra that TALENT, TAPE and PAPER are paramount to any worthy production. Parker also occasionally renders services as a producer supplementing, casting, segment, field producing, advance production, logistics, rights and clearances, writing decks, for the purposes of sizzle reels, sales and pilot-to-series presentations at the network level.


Talent;Tape;Paper: securing eye catching, network worthy talent, securing tape and locking said talent down on paper via shopping agreement without interruption
Multiple Platforms: I develop, book, produce, write, shoot,manage edits and package decks.
Conceptualizing Story: Creative storytelling techniques and pitching daily story segments.
Disintermediation: Eliminating producer inflation.
Sourcing New Media – Helping creators monetize, web production and cross-pollinating multiple platforms.

His production and cast contributions have included countless pilots for all major networks, as well as frosh-pick “The Test” and more popular reality shows such as Swamp Hunters, Love For Sail, Dynamic Duo, Excused, Perfect Score, America’s Got Talent, Miami Ink,Tool Academy, Snoop Dogg’s Fatherhood, Dr 90210, Spike TV’s hit show Deadliest Warrior as well as the popular record setting conflict resolution series such as Maury for NBC Universal and The Test for CBS Television.

More recently, Parker has focused on nonfiction television production in the development arena having facilitated development for production companies such as Triage,Wendy Williams Productions, GRB Entertainment,T-Group as well as New Wave Entertainment as well as providing network deliverables for A&E; Bravo; CBS; CW; Discovery; E!; Fox 21; History; Lifetime; Logo; MTV; Spike; TBS; TLC; TV1, VH1; and Travel Channel

Parker is a Graduate of Washington State University
Legal representation: Joseph Bovino at Bovino Law Group
Alternative Programming Packaging Representation:ICM Partners